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to women. the new pentagon policy makes women eligible to serve in army and marine infantry units. there's also the potential for them to be a part of an elite special operations team like the navy s.e.a.l.s and delta force. >> she went on special missions working side by side with special forces. >> it was pretty cool. >> but in order to join women must be able to withstand the rigid strength and standard requirements with those units. >> there are jobs women can't do physically because they don't have the physical strength to do it. >> the pentagon is opening the >> by lifting the combat ban execution, the pentagon is opening its door to more women being killed or wounded in action. conflicts have cost more than 130 women their lives and more than 800 have been wounded. dawn halfacre lost her arm fighting alongside an infantry unit. >> there's not a big difference at all. and a lot of the missions we did we did with infantry units, we would do with shelled artillery units. we were all fighting the same thing, doing the same thing. >> this is the executive direc
on combat patrol and even in elite special operations units like the navy seals. however, women will have to meet strength standards that could keep them out of units where the physical demands are especially grueling. combat operations in iraq and afghanistan have already cost more than 130 women their lives and left more than 800 wounded. some, like dawn halfaker, were on the front lines commanding an m.p. platoon in iraq where she lost her arm fighting alongside the infantry. >> there's not a big difference at all. and a lot of the missions we did we did with infantry units. we would do with field artillery units. we were all fighting the same fight, doing the same thing. >> reporter: the best machine gunner in halfaker's platoon was victoria rivers, who was tapped to go on missions with special forces. >> working side by side with special forces teams was pretty cool. >> reporter: but rivers acknowledges some military jobs may be too demanding for women. >> there's jobs that women can't do physically because they just don't have the strength, the physical strength to do it. >> reporte
like immigration, for instance, i think this is something that could actually unite us again as a country because americans know that's who we are as a people. we're a country of immigrants. we've really benefitted tremendously from being able to tap human potential from all over the world. but you can't do it from the point of view of "i'm going to put this down and then you take it or leave it" because there are some deep divisive-- divisive issues within the immigration debate that are going to have to be smooth over. so the american people-- i live out in california. i don't live here in washington. and i will tell you that out in the country there's a sense that washington is divided and that's not a good thing for america. >> let me just take a break here. we'll talk about this. i sure want to get back to talking about guns a little bit. but we'll take a break here for one minute. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it
in at least nine countries including the united states, are waiting to learn who lived and who died. >> pelley: mark, there's a lot of hostage taking in this region for ransom. is there any indication whether that's what this is, banditry, or whether it actually is terrorism. >> reporter: well, the mass brigade and other groups are known to be operating in that area for some time, and they have a history of hostage-taking and ransom demands and smuggling to fund their activities. but with the french intervention underway in mali next door, this incident may be too close, both in time and distance, to be a coincidence. >> pelley: mark, thanks very much. the last time americans were killed by terrorists was also in north africa last september. four died, including the u.s. ambassador, in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. now, u.s. forces are about to go to the aid of the french in mali, and david martin has the late-breaking developments. >> reporter: the u.s. has agreed to airlift a battalion of french troops and tanks into mali, part of a military intervention which has stirr
. >> pelley: nancy, thanks very much. of course, any child born in the united states is automatically an american citizen. mexican mothers have for many years crossed the boarder to give birth for that reason. but john blackstone reporting in los angeles has discovered that maternity tourism in america has caught on with mothers in china. >> reporter: her name is ada lin she's four months old and the only american citizen in her family. her parents-- who agreed to speak with us if they didn't show their faces-- traveled from china to los angeles so ada could be born in america and claim u.s. citizenship. "i want her to live a happy life" her father says. "the family is back in china now. they're among thousands of chinese who've become so-called birth tourists. staying in maternity hotels near los angeles. these hotels are often single- family homes in quiet >> not here! not here! >> reporter: at least two are in chino hills, california, where residents are annoyed at the frequent comings and going. chino hills resident mow sana'a mitchell. why does this offend you? >
in perspective, especially since it's simultaneously martin luther king day. >> thank you for uniting this country. left or right, republican or democrat, it's a day to unite the country. >> cbs news coverage of inauguration day will continue in a moment. >>> 1981, reagan moved it from the east front of the capitol to the west. the idea was to no longer toward europe but to the front. and the hostages held in iran for 444 days had been set free. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto®
breaking out around midnight at one of the units at the building on 2300 block of acton streets. residents had smoke inhalation and burns to the arms. none of the other four units was damaged. no word on what caused the fire. >>> let's check the roads. >> liz, take it away on a monday. >> a lot of folks going back to work after the weekend and so far no major incidents out there. we were watching a couple different things. we had a stalled-out truck for a while. that's out of lanes. you get nothing out there now that could really cause you to slow down, nothing blocking any main lines of any roadway so this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. both directions at the limit. similar story at the bay bridge. we're checking to see when they turn those metering lights on. this is usually what it looks like before they do. you can see the middle lanes get by fine. the outer cash lanes are stacking up pushing towards the end of the parking lot so no metering lights just yet. elsewhere all the approaches to the bay bridge so far pretty good. t
as being an expert at getting rid of pain? >> well, the world's greatest medical experts from the united nations, the bone and joint decade, they selected me and supple to be leading advocates, all around the world, to help end bone pain, joint pain, back pain and muscle pain. for everybody around the world. i'm not a doctor. what i am is a researcher and an arthritis survivor myself. >> what do you mean, arthritis survivor? >>well, i suffered from severe arthritis pain in my left hip for decades. i was almost completely immobile, i could barely walk, i had pain day and night. it was painful to sit, to move, to stand. it was an absolute nightmare. i searched the entire world for a way to end my own nightmare of pain, and i did it. >> you found a way to end your own pain? >> i did. i discovered safe, all-natural building blocks that were being prescribed by doctors all over the world. they are healing agents that actually reverse the cartilage breakdown that causes joint pain. and you know what? listen to this. within just 7 days of taking these, it was unbelievable. i had a significant r
: the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here. i'm a united states senator, i'm not an israeli senator." hagel also opposed the nomination of james hormel as ambassador to luxembourg in 1998 because hormel was openly gay. "i think it's an inhibiting factor to be openly aggressively gay like hormel."pe he recently apologized callinggr the remarks insensitive. president obama did not spend a lot of time in the united states senator. he forged a relationship on candor and trust with hagel partially during trips to iraq and afghanistan. the president today said he'ds t always been impressed with willing to go against hagel's'd wisdom.ress hagel said he if he's confirmedst he'll do just that. >> pelley: what about the man nominated to be director of central intelligence, general brennan? will he have an easier time? >> reporter: probably an easier time. wi he's been the number one advisor for the president dealing with every terrorist plot-- real, imagined, large and small-- for w four years at the obama white house. 25 year veteran from the c.i.a., up from the ranks, substantial experience
such a pronounced view that dominates the arena but we have the united states conference of mayors we have the major city chiefs, we have the largest police organization in the world supporting us, we have individual chiefs and sheriffs. we have pediatricians trauma room surgeons, teachers-- you name it, all the way down-- we have the clergy. we have the dean of the nationalica needald launch this and talk about effort he's going to put together among clergy of all types and sex and religion in addition the united states to support this. this is an uphill climb. it is a different bill than i introduced. we go from two physical characteristics in the definition of an assault weapon to one. we ban 158 specific guns by make and model. we grandfather 2200 weapons by make and model that are rifles, shotguns pistols used for recreation defense hunting. we ban clips drums or strips of more than 10 bullets. prohibit their manufacture their sale, their transfer. we are different from the new york state law. we do not require registration of grandfathered weapons. and in that regard we are also different from
term as president of our united states, but according to tradition, if the 20th falls on a sunday, the public swearing in and most of the festivities take place on the 21st. >> susan mcginnis is in washington with a preare view on today's events of the -- preof today's events. >> reporter: president obama will take the oath of office on the steps of the u.s. capitol as people are expected to fill the national mall to watch. darrell r o oby came here and camped out overnight hoping to get a good spot. thousands of law enforcement officers and federal troops from around the country will be on hand to make sure everyone is safe. >> today's swearing in on the steps of the u.s. capitol is ceremony corral, held for the -- ceremonial held for the public and they require the official swearing in take place on january 20th. the president was officially sworn into office yesterday in a small ceremony at the white house. he followed that up with a candlelight ceremony sunday night where he said told's parties are not about him. >> what we're celebrating is
, the countdown begins. by the way the big easy has nothing on united states when -- on us when it comes to street parties. >>> they are on the sidewalk -- >> reporter: they are on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the streets. 9ers fever is incurable tonight. >> it is all great. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of capernicking. >> reporter: and it did not take long for the new orleans- themed t-shirts. at $20 they were moving fast. >> we got it. we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating any liquor consumed on the sidewalk. this team headed for the super bowl. >> reporter: well, police were keeping an eye on people. anybody with liquor in their hands they confiscated it but tonight they only had a handful of arrests. >> that is good to hear, linda, thank you. >>> let's get to julia goodrich who is live at san jose airport where the 49ers are due to land any minute. >> reporter: we are in an excit
, this is a terrorist act. the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage. >> the militants say they are part of an al qaeda affiliate operating in north africa. they say the raid was meant to punish algeria for helping france's military operation against islamic fighters in nearby mali. >>> inspectors are finding hundreds of levees in danger of failing right here in the united states. >> this information comes 7 years after hurricane katrina toppled levees in new orleans and tore up the gulf coast. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in east palo alto to tell us how northern california levees could be at risk. >> reporter: what that study found is that major levee repairs are needed across the entire country. hundreds were deemed unacceptable. they haven't said if any are in the bay area but they have found 326 in 37 states covering more than 2,000 miles that are in four conditions putting people and property at risk. this is the federal government's first inventory of the flood
of the united states. there's a subsidy for rum made in puerto rico, a tax break if you train a mine rescue worker, and a tax credit for every kilowatt of electricity produced by the wind. all told, a fiscal cliff law designed to reduce the deficit added $74 billion in spending through changes in the tax law. do you consider this pork? >> oh, absolutely. this was filled with pork. >> reporter: republican congressman darrell issa, who voted no on the bill, says many house members felt blindsided by tax breaks that were never publicly debated. >> and it's pork particularly because they couldn't get these through any other way except by throwing them into a bill like this. >> reporter: but supporters of the tax provision say they will create jobs. dan houser of the international speedway corporation, the owner of nascar, says faster tax write-offs will lead to more investment in tracks and in stadiums. >> it's not a tax break. what it's doing is, it's creating shovel-ready capital investment in communities that desperately need jobs. >> reporter: for many in congress, though, who had sworn off
happened at iraq, look at what happened in syria, the united states no longer leading from behind waiting from behind, and then you look at the decisions concerning afghanistan, you can understand why people throughout the region believe the united states is withdrawing and that is not good for the region. >> schieffer: let me ask you this senator. we went to afghanistan in the beginning because we wanted them to deny al-qaeda a safe haven the terrorists who caused 9/11 and i think to some extent we probably have done that. but as long as they have a safe haven in pakistan, does it really matter, and i'm not saying to the afghan people, but does it really matter to the security of the united states, whether or not we're in afghanistan? >> well again the pakistanis and others will act in accordance with what they think what will transpire in the region. prior to 9/11 the united states contained terrorism on my part of the world. after 9/11 we actively went after and our strategy was to eliminate and now with president obama it's to disengage. they see us disengaging. now, i would remind,
it was horribly damaging to them to continue to jeopardize the full faith and credit of the united states. now, it still does that because they are really perpetrating colossal uncertainty by proposing only to extend the debt ceiling increase by three months. i mean in a fragile recovery like the one we have we need to have certainty, we need to pay our bills, and we need to send president obama a clean debt ceiling increase. >> you also will need to have a budget in place in order to come to that debt ceiling debate as the republicans have laid it out at this point and you're also going to be dealing with the deficit and all of the other issues. so are you basically saying you don't think anything's changed here? >> no. i think the republicans have realized it's a political problem and a real problem if we jeopardize the full faith and credit of the united states. i'm not sure they understand we need to pay our bills. they seem to be confused if they only proposed three months. a clean debt ceiling is the only way to go. when we get to march 2nd and the sequester deadlin
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units to tell proposed tenants if smoking is allowed and others to ban them at major fairs. >>> muni is hoping for $24 million makeover. the new communication network is up for approval by the board of directors today. it would mean new integrative fiberoptic cables and uninterruptible power lines. the hope is that the new technology will enable muni to diagnose problems more quickly and then make adjustments cutting down on delays for passengers. >>> there's a move to rename the san francisco airport after gay rights pioneer harvey milk. supervisor david campos introduced the legislation today. milk was a san francisco supervisor in 1978 when he and then mayor george moscone were shot to death by former supervisor dan white. >>> coming up after years of denials, a confession comes from cyclist lance armstrong. >> up next, did he dope? oprah opens up about what he told her in an interview. >> and all they have to do is apply the worldwide retailer that's offering jobs to any vet who wants one. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5
: there's a new accusation tonight against lance armstrong. the head of the united states anti-doping agency, travis tygart, says armstrong used money and threats to try to head off an investigation into performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong was stripped of his cycling titles after the anti- doping agency published its findings late last year. it found that armstrong had used banned drugs throughout his career. tygart spoke in an interview for tonight's premier of "60 minutes sports" on showtime. we asked about a donation that armstrong offered to tygart's anti-doping agency. what kind of donation was he interested in making to usada? >> it was a significant financial donation. >> pelley: which came to one what? >> one of his representatives' offices to us. it was in excess of $150,000. >> pelley: more like a quarter of a million dollars? >> it was around that ballpark. >> pelley: when you heard that what did you think? >> i was stunned. >> pelley: did you feel like you were being bought off? >> it was a clear conflict of interest for usada, and we had no hesitation in rejecti
,000 matches in this part of the united states and they talk about how much work it was and ordering all these matches. >> reporter: and then at around 10 p.m., this map of the u.s. made of tens of thousands of matches was lit on fire on purpose. it got out of control causing about 5,000 dollars in damage. it's part of an exhibition called, they hate us for our freedom. here's another part of the demonstration. we found this video on youtube. here's the artist claire fontaine who didn't want to speak citing an arson investigation. neighbors weighed in. >> i get it. it's an interesting piece. it makes a point. >> reporter: the fire department sees it differently. >> kids don't have to play with matches. just don't do it. the guy didn't know what he was doing. he shouldn't have did what he did. but again, it's out of our hands, now the police are investigating with the city attorney. >> reporter: and ultimately it is going to be up to the district attorney whether or not criminal charges are filed. live in the mission anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank
smoke inhalation and burns to the arm. none of the other four units in the building were damaged. the cause is still under investigation. >>> a consultant for pg&e says the company had property safety measures in place before the deadly san bruno explosion. the consultant testified before the state public utilities commission last week defending the utility against allegations its pipeline safety program was lax. pg&e promised to overhaul its system after that explosion back in 2010. it killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >>> overtime is taking a bite out of the muni budget in san francisco. 22 of the biggest overtime earners in the city last year why muni employees. they racked up a total of $18 million in overtime. 10 muni supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime according to the "chronicle." >>> and a pizza chain has settled a complaint with san francisco that it did not follow the city's health care law. the company will spend $320,000 some of that about $200,000 going to current and former employees who were eligible
? this is the united states ofajor america, we can't manage our affairs in our such a way that we pay our bills and provide certainty in terms of how we pay our bills. i don't think anybody would consider my position unreasonable here. >> pelley: speaker john boehner said the republican-controlled house will pass what he called "responsible legislation." but he said the american people do not support raising the debt ceiling without cutting government spending. we have learned tonight that former cycling champion lance armstrong is in discussions to return a part of the millions of dollars that his team received from the u.s. postal service. and he has indicated a willingness to testify against others involved in illegal doping. armstrong's u.s. postal sponsorship prohibited doping. last year armstrong was stripped of his titles after an investigation found systemic drug use on the team. the associated press is reported tonight that in an interview today with oprah winfrey, armstrong admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs. recently we spoke to travis tygart the head of the. is
york with that and more. ash, good morning. >>> and good morning to you, terrell. well, the united states could be on the verge of another credit rating downgrainge. rating firm fitch warns that the united states could lose its top credit ceiling if the debt ceiling is not raised. timothy geithner has warned congress they'll reach that limit as early as next month. >>> asian markets plummetled ahead of key economic data. it plummeted more than 2.5% while hong kong's hang sang lost a fraction. >>> stocks ended mixed on wall street over the uncertainty of the nation's debt limit. the dow finished the day up more than 27 points while the nasdaq fell nearly 7 points. >>> shoppers spent more this holiday season than last but not as much as experts predicted. sales rose 3%, falling short of the national retail federation's forecast of 4.1%. many stores heavily marked down merchandise in the final shopping days to lure in shoppers who held back on spending. still, retailers hauled $580 million in november and december. >>> walmart says it will buy u.s.-made goods over th
, protect, and defend -- >> the constitution of the united states -- >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ cheers ] >> reporter: president obama's left hand was on two bibles, one belonging to abraham lincoln, the other to martin luther king jr. following his inaugural address and a signing ceremony in the capitol, the president and vice president paid tribute to dr. king a second time, pausing at a bust of the slain civil rights leader in the rotunda. during the procession down pennsylvania avenue, the president and first lady walked part of the way and later took their place in the reviewing stand as the inaugural parade began. ♪ >> reporter: and the party continued into the night. ♪ he's president and he's on fire ♪ >> reporter: michelle obama wowed the audiences at two inaugural balls in a ruby chiffon and velvet gown by jason wu. but the celebration was not as grand as 2009 which saw the president and first lady attend ten balls. >> now that the parties are over the work o
airport last night. officials say united express flight from rochester blew out four tires when it landed and skidded on the taxi way. 13 people were on board and were bussed to the terminal. no one was injured. >>> japanese officials say today they're going to investigate the company that makes the batteries for the boeing's dreamliner. u.s. will join in that probe. u.s. investigators said yesterday a battery fire on a japan airlines 787 on january 7th was not caused by excess voltage. dreamliners were grounded around the world last week after problems with their batterers. >>> and at president obama's inauguration today security will be extremely tight. 42 different agencies will be working together, not only watching for threats and emergencies but also monitoring traffic accidents and water main breaks. john miller reports. >> during president obama's first inauguration there was a threat taken so seriously that counterterrorist agents seemed to be everywhere in the area. people were taken into custody and taken lie detector tests. in the end the tip turned
contact with algerian authorities. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act, and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. >> the terrorist group called the mass brigade is reportedly under the command of this man. he goes by an arabic nickname meaning one-eyed man and is known to have ties to al qaeda. the obama administration says it is not releasing the names of the american hostages for their own security. >> i'm not going to get into any further details as we continue to work on this issue with the algerian authorities. >> the militants say they took over the gas plant in retaliation for the air strikes in mali. with u.s. support the french started bombing last week to keep islamist group from taking over the country. the terrorists say they will not release any hostages until france calls off the militant operations. the workers from the complex are from several countries. leaders of those nations are working with the algerian military which says they have the militants surrounded with no way to escape. now, u.s. official
. >> with aaron's death, we can wait no longer. the times what come to show the united states department of justice and its affiliates the true meaning of infiltration. >> reporter: the group also claims to have downloaded encrypted government files threatening to release them unless there's extensive legal reform. it's hardly the first cause taken up by anonymous. the group has disrupted computer networks of visa, mastercard, and paypal for hampering the work of julian assange and wick likes. anonymous recently leaked evidence related to a rape case in steubenville, ohio. the f.b.i. has launched a criminal consideration into this attack saying it's always concerned when someone illegally accesses a government agency's network. the sentencing commission web site is back but not working perfectly. and there's a warning from anonymous that the attacks are not over. the group claims there will be change or there will be chaos. jim. >> axelrod: dan, thank you. senator tom harkin of iowa announced today he will not be seeking eye sixth term next year. the 73-year-old democrat is the third sen
of units where the physical demands are especially grueling. combat operations in iraq and afghanistan have already cost more than 130 women their lives and left more than 800 wounded. some, like dawn, were on the frontlines, commanding a platoon in iraq, where she lost her arm fighting alongside the infantry. >> there's not a big difference at all. a lot of the missions we did with infantry and artillery units. we were all fighting the same fight. >> reporter: the best machine gunners in the platoon was victoria rivers, who was tapped to go on missions with special forces. >> i was side by side with special forces, and it was pretty cool. >> reporter: but rivers acknowledges some military jobs may be too demanding for women. >> they just don't have the physical strength to do it. >> reporter: panetta's order will open 200,000 more jobs to women, primarily in the army and marines, where combat experience is considered a prerequisite for promotion to the top jobs. they will have to the end of 2015 to actually implement the changes. >>> a san jose mo
the tour de france, sport's most grueling event, seven times. but late last year, the united states anti-doping agency produced evidence that the u.s. postal team ran what it called "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program the sport has ever seen." armstrong sat down for an interview with oprah winfrey which will air on thursday, but today, winfrey spoke to charlie rose on "cbs this morning." >> did he confess? did he come clean in the manner that you expected? >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. i would say that, for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. but i think the most important questions and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered and certainly answered... i can only say i was satisfied by the answers. >> pelley: we have confirmed that armstrong offered at least a limited confession in that interview. we spoke to a rider who was once armstrong's trusted lieutenant. tyler hamilton helped him win th
. helicopter and kay noon units were used in the search. he was last seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and blue sweatshirt. >>> police are looking for a suspect who tried to take a daughter out of her own arms. it happened on the 200 block of dale court in east san jose. according to the mother, a man came up to her, said something, then grabbed the little girl's legs, then tried to pull her away. mom struggled, hanging on to her daughter. eventually, the suspect ran off. he's described as a man in his twenties, wearing a red baseball cap. the mom said he smelled like automotive oil. >>> he left behind a wife and child. the city of san jose's first homicide victim has a family and they want answers. alisa harrington has their plea to the public. >> we don't want to wake up every morning asking the same question why and who. >> reporter: why 34-year-old yvonne segura was killed and who did it? the husband and father from san jose who worked as a barber was found shot to death outside of a house on tripoli avenue last sunday, january 6th. his death
show the united states flu outbreak has reached a point of epidemic. new york is the latest state to declare a public health emergency. >> that's right. the cdc reports this morning that 47 states now have widespread flu outbreaks. the only states that don't are california, mississippi, and hawaii. elaine quijano is at st. luke's roosevelt hospital in new york city. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you're waking up in the west there is good news in california. the number of flu cases there have been minimal. here in new york state, some 20,000 cases have been reported so far with more than five times as many as last year. the nationwide reach of this year's flu epidemic can be blamed on its early start. >> the earlier the flu season starts, the worse it becomes because it usually rolls through all the holiday madness, and that involves a lot of people. so the spread is like a chain lever. it's exponential. >> reporter: of 135 million doses of flu vaccine manufactured this season 128 million have been administered. as word spreads about the
, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> osgood: and now a page from our sunday morning almanac. january 20, 1993. 20 years ago today. the day movie fans lost a beloved star and children around the world lost a devoted champion. for that was the day audrey hepburn died of cancer at the age of 63. born in brussels in 1929, she was saved from starvation at world war ii's end by the united nations relief and rehabilitation administration. she studied ballet in holland and won minor stage and film roles in england before landing on broadway in the play "gigi" in 1951. from there it was on to hollywood. she costarred with gregory peck in the film roman holiday for which she won an aadd me award. she earned lasting fame for herself and her classic black dress as go lighty in the 1961 classic breakfast at tiffany's. >> i never could do that. it's easy. >> reporter: she played opposite cary grant. in the 1963 movie charade. >> now what are you doing? cutting it off. who told you to do that? you did. i'm not complaining. reporter: in 1964, she playe
the united states and japan. allen, that represents well over 25 aircraft and that represents about half of the 787s now flying that boeing has made so boeing has a lot of explaining to do and a lot of work trying to nail down these problems. >> better to do that and be safe. all right, len. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. >>> jim harbaugh and colin kaepernick are joining the long list of 49ers who have graced the cover of "sports illustrated." now, most say that is a huge honor, but others tell cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman it's also a curse. >> reporter: the top sports star of the week usually graces the cover of "sports illustrated" and this week who else, it's colin kaepernick. >> i mean, it was something i didn't expect. kind of surprised me. but i mean, it's a great honor. >> reporter: an honor and a curse? >> i think colin kaepernick should be concerned that he is on the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine. >> reporter: it's the curse of the cover. throughout its almost 60 year history covers have had trouble following their moment o
stuff" but didn't explain. stay tuned. >>> a new ban on certain weapons in the united states is proposed on capitol hill today. california democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce a bill to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. her bill is cosponsored by both connecticut democrats in the senate in the wake of the sandy hook school shootings in their state. it's opposed by the nra. >> newtown fundamentally changed things and the nra doesn't get it. >> we believe in our right to defend ourselves and our families with semi-automatic firearms technology! >> meanwhile, vice president joe biden goes to virginia tomorrow to hold a rally to promote gun control. >>> a defiant message today from north korea. the country's top military body says it plans to carry out what it calls a high level nuclear test. a news reader said the test will target the united states. north korea is rejecting a u.n. security council resolution that passed two days ago. that resolution called a long- range rocket launch last month [ indisc
chapters all throughout the united states and as well as new zealand, canada, and what we're trying to do is just represent the 9er fan base and get the word out there because we're tired of the little raider nation on the other side of the bay so 9er empire is bigger than a nation so that's how we started it. >> reporter: joe leonor, those are fighting words. you honor the greats, coach bill wall,joe montana, dave wilcox my era from the '70s, ronnie lott, hugh maclainey. you also to be in this you have to take the pledge. >> yes. >> so tell me the pledge. what's the pledge? >> it's what the 9er fan base is all about. >> i pledge my faithfulness to the 9ers and their hall of famers for which they stand, one nation which we cross out because we know who that is, under an empire invisible with five rings soon to be six and domination overall. >> you came up with the pledge yourself? >> yeah. i have a lot of time on my hands. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what do the people in new zealand tell you? are they watching games eight hours later? >> yeah.
-term united states presence and role in afghanistan. president obama is meeting with afghan president hamid karzai at the white house this morning. the u.s. wants to turn over all combat missions to the afghan troops by the end of next year. >>> an indiana boy kidnapped in 1994 has been found in minnesota. when he was 5-year-old richard wayne landers was taken by his father's parents after his parents divorced. landers now 24 years old was living under a different name but he used the same social security number. >>> "usa today" says facebook shares are climbing they're up more than 78% in the last four months, on thursday the stock closed at $31.30 facebook stock is up almost 18% since january 1st. >>> and san diego will be as cold as boston tonight, a cold front will force temperatures to drop below freezing in some areas. the cold snap comes after snow snarled traffic on interstate 5 through the grapevine. >>> and a powerful slow-moving storm socked louisiana with heavy rain and flooding. governor bobby jindal declared a statewide state of emergency. at least one su
just 500 of the video rental chains across the united states. going back to what brian was saying about apple's earnings, shares have fallen $200 since september. it could get a boost though after verizon reports its earnings today, activating 2.1 million new devices in the quarter thanks in large part to sales of the new iphone 5. we'll see what apple has to say about that. google reports its earnings after the closing bell today, and it's going to be a big question as to what to expect. google took the step last week of warning most wall street analysts were not correctly forecasting their estimated for the fourth quarter, because of issues regarding the motorola unit. apple is selling part of that -- google is selling part of that and may not include that, expecting a billion dollars more than reported after the close today. wall street getting off to a flat start, following the long weekend. right now the dow lower by 5 points, nasdaq down by 2, s & p off by 1 point, google shares down 3/4 of a per cent, apple up half a per cent. >> thank yo
train in the united states going on its 27th year now, and it leaves the station in san jose at 9:30 this morning. it's to commemorate the birthday of martin luther king junior and covers 54 miles. that's the same distance that he and other civil rights activists marched in 1965. he led thousands of demonstrators from sell e sell -- selma alabama to montgomery. this is significant considering obama is being sworn into his second term in the white house. the mlk association is chartering the freedom train and to ride you needied to get your tickets online at or you can buy one on site from the mlk board members. it boards at 9, leaves san jose at 9:30 and will make three stops along the way one in sunnyvale, another in palo alto and in san mateo and is scheduled to arrive in san francisco at 10:55 this morning. round trip tickets are $10 and expecting to sell about 1600 tickets total and you're being asked to get here early because the lines are expected to be long. live in san jose, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you.
destroyed. >>> the continental united states 2012 was the hottest year on record. that's according to the government's scientists. the average temperature, 55.3 degrees, breaking the old record set in 1998 by a degree. but you have a hard time convincing me of that today. it's cold. >> it's a little chilly. >>> it's going to get cold enough that we could see some snow by tomorrow. temperatures likely to get out of the 40s in some parts of the bay area. we have a big chill coming our way, buy changes in the weather. a cold front dives into california. cloudy and showers up toward crescent city and eureka. patchy, dense fog early on this morning and a dense fog advisory in the east bay valleys until 9 a.m. visibilities there a quarter mile or less in spots. so be very careful traveling in those areas for this morning. as you look outside right now, a little hazy over the bay. the temperatures chilly in spots. especially inland. we are seeing 40 degrees in concord. 39 in santa rosa. and 38 degrees in livermore. 47 in san francisco. by the aftern
brings us to tip 2. save, save, save. according to the united states federal reserve, americans on average only save 3.6% of their income. what we should be saving upwards of 10%. and if you are counting on social security, plan on socking away 12 times your current income too. because getting old can get expensive. >> i have seen clients pay upwards of $13,000 a month for round the clock care in their homes. it's very expensive. >> reporter: and then there's housing. bringing us to tip number 3. you shouldn't spend more than 25 percent of your income on where you live. a tall order here in the bay area. but keeping this rule of thumb in mind might help you stash some cash into your 401(k) or ira. >> cheers! >> reporter: this couple rents two bedrooms of their home to offset their mortgage and help them reach their financial goals. >> stay in the house and retire here and burn that mortgage paper. >> reporter: and they talk money every saturday in an effort to track their progress. >> we're acutely aware of what's in our accounts and when we decide to use credit. >> reporter: a
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core. >>> it is 4:36. we know when the united states supreme court will take up the prop 8 case, on march 26. at issue whether it was constitutional for the california voters to ban gay marriage through the 2008 ballot measure. the next day the court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of the federal "defense of marriage act." the rulings are expected sometime in june. >>> president obama is urging congress to act quickly and confirm his nominees for defense secretary and cia director but cbs news reporter susan mcginnis says another capitol hill battle seems to be looming. >>> reporter: president obama announced his pick for the next heads of the pentagon and the cia. now they need congressional approval before they can get to work. >> we need to move quickly. >> reporter: senator chuck hagel is the nominee for secretary of defense. a former n listed man and vietnam vet, the president says hagel can relate personally to america's troops. >> to this day chuck bears the scars and the shrapnel from battles he fought in our name. >> r
cq. >>> last year was the >>> last year was the hottest year ever in the united states. the government meteorologists say the average temperature was 55.3 degrees, a full degree warmer than the previous record set in 1998. scientists say records are normally broken by a tenth of a degree, so jumping an entire degree is unprecedented. >>> the widespread drought which is affecting almost two thirds of the nation in an almost nonexistent winter caused the temperatures to go up last year. forecasters say rain is expects. up to four inches are expected to fall in parts of texas. a flash flood warning has been issued for the dallas-ft. worth area. it is blistering hot in australia with the mercury topping out at 104 degrees. the heat is fueling more than 140 wildfires across the country. more than 120 homes have been destroyed, and more than 320,000 acres burned since tuesday. hundreds of people have been evacuated. so far no deaths have been reported but around 100 people are missing. >>> "cbs moneywatch" time on this wednesday. the earning season ge
illegal immigrants to stay here in the united states. >>> bp's guilty plea is approved by a federal judge. the company will pay $4 billion in penalties for the 2010 oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. bp pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges and to perjury for lying to congress about the size of the broken well. the company is also paying out nearly $8 billion to settle private lawsuits from gulf coast residents and area businesses. >>> a couple of minor earthquakes shook northern california it morning. the biggest, 3.0 at 8:45 a.m. followed by a 2.9 a few seconds later. the earthquake's epicenter is near cobb in the boggs mountain state forest north of sonoma. the area has seen five earthquakes in the last 7 days. >>> state lawmakers want to give you more notice when an earthquake is about to happen. >> earthquake, earthquake, earthquake! [ beep beep ] >> that's what would you hear on your cell phone, computer or perhaps your television if a proposed early warning system is put into place. it would give you as much as 60 seconds warning to take
with algerian authorities. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act. and the united states strongly condemns it. >> reporter: the terrorist group called the mass brigade is reportedly under the command of this man. he goes by an arabic nickname meaning one eyed man and is known to have ties to al qaeda. the obama administration says it is not releasing the names of the americans being held hostage for their own security. >> i'm not going to get into any further details as we continue to work on this issue with the algerian authorities. >> reporter: the militants say they took over the plant in retaliation for french air strikes against nearby mali. with u.s. support the french started bombing last week to keep islamic groups from taking over the country. the terrorists say they won't release any hostages until france calls off the military operations. workers at the complex are from several countries. leaders from all the nations are working with the algerian military which says it has the militants surrounded with no way to escape.
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